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The botulinum toxin has been found useful in treating a number of maladies and conditions. Over the years, it’s most commonly been known to smooth out facial wrinkles, but recent studies have found that it’s much more useful. BoNT-A, commonly known as Botox, has shown to have help dental patients a myriad of conditions.

Dr. Robert Perry at Dental House is a certified Botox dentist in Irvine, CA who knows the proper application and usage of Botox. Because of the physiological effect that Botox has on your muscles, it can be extremely effective in dental work. Botox has been shown to either lessen the severity of muscle contractions or eliminate them altogether, which can help patients manage dental pain and retrain muscles.

What are some Botox treatments available for patients in Orange County? Dr. Perry can offer Botox for TMJ, severe jaw clenching, and other means for pain treatment. Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can suffer pain in the joint or surrounding muscles from various causes, which is called TMJ disorder (TMD). Pain Botox treatment near Santa Ana, CA can help to relax the muscles that are causing patients pain. The same goes for patients who suffer pain from chronic jaw clenching.

Talk to your Southern California Botox dentist today to see if Botox is right for you. Dr. Perry will do a thorough exam to ensure that you qualify for dental Botox treatment near Huntington Beach, CA.

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Visit Dental House for dentist Botox treatment. Our team works hard to ensure that you receive the best Botox in Irvine, CA. Dr. Perry’s affordable dental Botox is available to help patients who require supplemental therapy to treat procedural dental pain, TMJ, pain from clenching teeth, and more.

With the advances in technology to treat dental pain, Botox is found to be an effective method that provides lasting treatment to keep patients comfortable. Whether you require an invasive procedure that leads to a lasting recovery, you’re looking for a way to retrain muscles and relieve nagging pain, or you’d like to benefit from the aesthetic benefits of Botox, Dr. Perry can provide you with the relief that you’re looking for with Botox in Irvine, CA.

Contact us today at Dental House to learn more about Botox for jaw pain. Our office is located on the MacArthur Medical Campus at 1400 Reynolds Ave. #110, Irvine, CA 92614. Patients from surrounding areas like Newport Beach, CA have found that Dr. Perry offers the best dentist Botox services in Irvine, CA.