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There are a number of reasons that a patient may need a tooth extraction. Whether it’s because of damage, decay, a stubborn baby tooth, or another reason, Dr. Robert Perry and Dental House aim to make your tooth extraction as a simple as possible for patients near Tustin, CA.

How is a tooth extraction performed? Well, there are several ways that Dr. Perry can go about removing teeth. Ultimately, the decision for the type of tooth removal you will undergo is based on individual needs. Dr. Perry will do a thorough examination of your tooth that needs removal, then decide whether you require a simple extraction or a surgical extraction.

A simple extraction is performed as Dr. Perry uses a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. He’ll then use a tool called an elevator to loosen the gum tissue and bone socket surrounding and supporting the tooth. Dr. Perry uses forceps to expertly and carefully remove the tooth, then replaces it with gauze to help with any bleeding that occurs.

The other option for an Irvine tooth extraction with Dr. Perry is a surgical extraction. This procedure is more invasive and Dr. Perry will advise patients regarding the risks and side effects that come with a surgical extraction. Conditions that may require dental surgery include (but are not limited to) an impacted tooth, a tooth that has broken at the gum line, a tooth that has not broken through the gums, and other conditions as deemed necessary by Dr. Perry. Each procedure is performed specifically for the patient’s needs. A surgical tooth extraction is typically performed using general anesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain or remember the procedure.

No matter the type of procedure required for your tooth extraction near Lake Forest, CA, Dr. Perry and his team will go to great lengths to ensure that your procedure is done properly and your recovery goes without incident.

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At Dental House, it doesn’t matter if it’s a scheduled or emergency tooth extraction, our team will perform your tooth extraction in Irvine according to your individual needs. Dr. Perry is your tooth extraction dentist serving Orange County with affordable oral surgery and safe tooth extraction options in Orange County.

If you require a tooth extraction near Lake Forest, CA, call Dental House today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry. Our office is located on the MacArthur Medical Campus at 1400 Reynolds Ave. #110, Irvine, CA 92614.

Dental House is here to serve patients in Irvine, CA with a tooth extraction experience that is meant to be as comfortable as possible.