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Dental pain is no joke. Nagging pain in your mouth is difficult to ignore, and it shouldn’t be. Tooth pain that is left untreated can lead to more severe problems that can be incredibly invasive and expensive to repair. Dr. Robert Perry at Dental House is a root canal dentist in Irvine, CA who can provide you with the care and treatment that you need to remedy your mouth of persistent pain.

There’s much more to your teeth than meets the eye. Inside each of your teeth lies the pulp, which is made of soft tissue comprised of connective tissue, dental nerves, and blood vessels. Infection, trauma, and decay can do significant damage to your teeth, which can also do damage to the pulp. If this is the case, you will likely need to see a root canal specialist to have the tooth repaired as a part of dental pain therapy near Cost Mesa, CA.

Irvine root canal treatment is when your dentist removes the damaged pulp from inside your tooth. When a tooth requires a root canal likely has damaged nerve tissue due to the decay around it or damage done directly to the tooth, which will cause severe dental pain. This procedure is done to prevent infection from spreading from the damaged tooth to surrounding teeth, gums, or even farther to your face or neck.

The friendly staff at Dental House takes special care of patients during a root canal to ensure that there is the least amount of pain as possible during the procedure. After the pulp of the damaged tooth is removed, Dr. Perry with clean and seal the tooth so that it can remain in place and provide proper function.

As a root canal dentist in Orange County, Dr. Perry recommends that patients take special care of the treated tooth because it is more susceptible to fracture or decay.

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Dr. Perry offers affordable root canal treatment for patients with sensitive or damaged teeth. As a part of our effective root canal treatment, our team will examine the tooth with dental x-rays and decide the best course of action. If a root canal is deemed necessary, the Dental House team will help to ensure comfortable endodontics so all patients who require treatment near Anaheim, CA.

Patients who experience lingering tooth pain caused by hot or cold foods or eating, as well as pressure, a darkening of the tooth, or tenderness or swelling of nearby gum tissue should contact Dental House immediately to schedule an emergency root canal treatment in Irvine, CA.

If you have any questions about tooth pain, our team is standing by to help you get the root canal treatment that you need. You’ll find our dental office located at 1400 Reynolds Ave. #110, Irvine, CA 92614, conveniently situated in the MacArthur Medical Campus.

Let Dental House resolve your tooth pain with comfortable dental care in a friendly, comfortable environment.