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Not everyone finds the same comfort in the dental exam chair. Some patients have always felt comfortable during a dental exam, but Dental House understands that others don’t feel quite at ease. Dr. Robert Perry offers sedation dentistry options for patients who feel anxious or nervous during a dental exam.

Our dental office in Irvine, CA offers local sedation dentistry to patients to help calm nerves during a routine dental exam or more invasive procedures. Among our available treatments for treatment include conscious sedation dental work and general anesthesia options. Dr. Perry wants every patient to have an enjoyable dental experience, and sedation dentistry is one available option for patients in Orange County.

Dental House understands that not every patient is the same, so we can help you find the best option for general anesthesia or conscious sedation dental work to meet your unique needs. By presenting patients with various kinds of sedation dentistry, Dr. Perry can present you with the proper anesthesia sedation dentistry option for you.

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Dr. Perry offers affordable sedation dentistry to help find what fits your needs best while assisting in reaching the appropriate level of relaxation during an exam or procedure. To properly facilitate anxiety treatment therapy, the staff at Dental House offers individualized sedation dentistry in Irvine, CA through choices that include conscious sedation dentistry or general anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry is used as an option for patients who experience dental anxiety that utilizes a combination of medications to relax anxious patients while simultaneously blocking pain with a local anesthetic. Conscious sedation allows the patient to remain awake, but they will not feel any potential pain of the exam or procedure. The patient can return to normal activities sooner in the day than the use of general anesthesia.

Dr. Perry offers general anesthesia as another option for sedation dentistry for patients who might require more invasive dental procedures. Patients who opt for general anesthesia will be completely sedated with no memory of the exam or procedure. Patients who choose general anesthesia can rest assured that Dr. Perry and his team are closely monitoring the patient through the course of the procedure.

If you have any additional questions regarding the available sedation dentistry options at Dental House, call our team today. You’ll also find our office located at 1400 Reynolds Ave. #110, Irvine, CA 92614. You can easily find us at the MacArthur Medical Campus.

Dr. Perry understands the importance of quieting the anxiety of patients near Santa Ana, CA, so he offers the best dental anxiety treatment available.