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At Dental House, we understand that you’re very busy and likely won't have time (or the desire) to come back for another appointment to have a dental crown or implant placed. Thanks to modern dental technology, Dr. Robert Perry is able to place a dental crown on your implant the same day.

Dr. Perry and his team believe that you should be able to enjoy normal eating sooner rather than later. We offer teeth in a day in Irvine, CA so you can get back to life and enjoy the benefits of a full smile.

Typically, when you need a dental implant or replacement it takes two appointments to allow the implant to take hold in your jaw bone. You’ll then have to return days or weeks later to have the crown placed on the implant. Dr. Perry understands that you have a busy schedule and it can be difficult to make the trip back to the dentist's office. So, he offers teeth in a day to his patients in Orange County. With newly available technology, Dr. Perry and his team can place the dental implant and crown in the same visit.

Accidents happen and teeth can wear down over time. But, it’s possible to restore your smile with same day cosmetic dentistry that’s designed to feel natural and function at a high level for years down the road. Our same day teeth replacement technology allows Dr. Perry to replace teeth with durable material that is beautiful and natural feeling. Without the lengthy wait, you can feel the amazing difference of new teeth in a day.

Teeth in a Day near Santa Ana

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Enjoy teeth in a day near Santa Ana when you visit Dental House. Whether it’s a single tooth replacement or a full reconstruction, Dr. Perry can save you time with the use of same day dental implants.

With advances in dental implant technology, you don’t have to stress about the potential of losing or breaking any of the same day dental implants that Dr. Perry places. Our same day dental crowns offer patients near Orange the same durability and aesthetics of conventional crowns.

To schedule a consultation for same day teeth, contact Dental House today. We want to help you get back to enjoying a full and healthy smile. Visit us at 1400 Reynolds Ave. #110, Irvine, CA 92614. Our dental office is located on the MacArthur Medical Campus.

Visit Dental House soon so Dr. Perry can help to restore your dental health with a beautiful smile with teeth in a day.