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Get a bright, white smile and put your best foot forward with everyone you meet. Dr. Robert Perry with Dental House is your local dentist who offers nearby teeth whitening services to patients of all ages in Irvine, CA.

Restore the white sheen to your smile with teeth whitening treatments in Orange County. Our friendly team is available to help you restore the brightness that your smile might have lost from the side effects of certain medications or years drinking coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, or simply aging. With our affordable teeth bleaching treatment options, patients near Newport Beach, CA can find the available method that works best to fit their budget and lifestyle. Dr. Perry and his team will present our available teeth whitening treatments and help you find which works best for you.

Visit Dental House to find out more about your nearby teeth whitening options near Tustin, CA. Dr. Perry wants to help you restore your beautiful smile and smile with confidence as you greet everyone you meet.


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Teeth whitening is Irvine, CA has never been easier with the help of Dr. Perry and his staff at Dental House. As your teeth whitening dentist office, we offer teeth whitening that can be done in the office or the convenience of your home. Either way, it’s our goal to make your teeth whitening treatment a hassle-free experience.

Dental House is your Irvine teeth whitening dentist office. Dr. Perry cares about what his patients care about, and he knows that a bright smile is one of those things. We’ll help you choose your affordable whitening treatment to effectively get you on your way to restoring your self-assurance with a winning smile. After your teeth whitening treatments are complete, Dr. Perry will personally check your satisfaction to make sure that you’re happy with your results.

For the best teeth whitening near Anaheim, CA, visit Dental House and let Dr. Perry help you find the winning smile that you’ve always wanted. You’ll find our dental office conveniently located at 1400 Reynolds Ave. #110, Irvine, CA 92614, situated on the MacArthur Medical Campus north of MacArthur Blvd. and Red Hill Ave.

The team at Dental House is ready to help educate you about teeth whitening and restore your bright smile with our treatments near Irvine, CA.